Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WARNING: Do Not Use With Flip-flops

I got over the initial shock and proceded to use the toilet pictured in the previous post (Thank god I only had to go pee....). After a certain point, the bathroom decided that I was finished and it was time to flush. How does a hole in the floor flush itself you ask?

Alright, you think to yourself (or at least, I thought to myself): That's pretty reasonable. Would've been nice if it didn't just start automatically, before I was done, but it was a free public toilet after all. Well that was just phase 1. Immediately after the conclusion of phase 1, phase 2 began.

You see that little metal circle on the floor that is behind you if you are facing forward in the bathroom? That squirts water out too (along the floor, towards the hole). Surprise! Do not attempt with flip-flops.

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