Sunday, October 17, 2010


These pictures come from a coffeshop in Amsterdam, the 420 Cafe. Now, as you may very well know, when you drink alot of coffee, you will inevitably have to go to to the bathroom. This bathroom had a very specific message: "Do not use me to take a dump." How did I arrive at this conclusion?

Exhibit 1:

Notice the lack of a seat?

Exhibit 2:

These are the doors from the 'sink' area to the 'toilet' area. I don't know if you have a vivid memory of old westerns with their stereotypical swinging doors, but they don't exactly lock. These swinging doors are no exception. The door from the cafe into the 'sink' area also doesn't lock.

Now, what happens when a door to the bathroom doesn't lock? People walk in on other people. I hung out in this cafe a few times because it was really close to my hostel, and I saw someone walk in on another person 4 or 5 times (I did it once as well).

At least the walls had cool designs!

(Note: I am flying home to California tomorrow, so this might be the last post for a day or two :) )

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