Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election 2010

To get the full emotional effect of this post, hit play on the youtube video (just for the sound).

This election was very important to me. I was in Europe already when I realized that I needed to postmark my registration by October 18th in order to vote in this election. That's the day that I flew back from Paris, so I printed out my voter registration form ahead of time. When I got to Dallas (at about 3:45PM), I rushed through customs, found an envelope and stamp, and dropped it in a mailbox approximately 45 minutes before the last pickup time.

I am here now on November 3rd at 12:37AM with some solemn news. Proposition 19 (to legalize and tax marijuana) has been declared dead. This is the reason I was so motivated to register. And so, as I sit here typing through teary eyes, I leave you with this as a sort of memorial. Only 52% of precincts have reported their results. Perhaps some greater power will get my message and intervene.

Its kind of like when the Pope dies.

RIP Popeosition 19.

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